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What's happening

We organise several events every year to raise money



27th January 2019 - Marathon run by Chris Bombadillo Martin in Gran Canaria 


Easter Raffle and Bag Pack

Showstoppers 2019

Christmas Food Hampers appeal starts early November 2019

Children's Clothes Appeal

Contact us if you would like to be involved.

' supporting under privileged children '

About us

The Amigos de Gillian Banks are a voluntary organisation raising money on Tenerife to support under privileged children , who deserve a better start in life. Supporting families and children to raise aspirations and career possibilities through vocational training as well as pastoral care and support for the basic requirements for daily life.


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How can you help?

If you would like to get involved please contact Denise Hammonds or Gillian Banks  through facebook on Tenerife.

They co-ordinate all events and activities that our charity organises.

If you would like to organise an event for us please let us know so we can liaise and advise.


We have a new patron - Michelle Phillips - Michelle helps in many ways through her work at Iceland but also personally giving time and energy to multiple projects per year. We also have a new UK ambassador Rebecca Peacock who supports our charity every year by donating wages and time to support the performances we put on in Tenerife.



We have undertaken several projects to help the children and have others planned.

Our newest project is to teach the children how to grow vegetables and become self sufficient by growing products on a Finca in Granadilla

Training in Hairdressing - We supported a girl from the centre to train as a hairdresser and become a qualified stylist through monies raise by performing on Tenerife. And we have now managed to secure employment for her in Los Christianos.

We guided a boy into car spraying courses to customise cars and provided work experience at a local garage in Guargacho.

We have enabled 3 children so far , to visit England on an annual basis to practice english language but also see other options within the world.

We started a planting project in April 2018 to teach the children how to grow their own vegetables on a finch in Granadilla. Each child had a section of the ground and 300 plants were embedded as well as an irrigation system. The children visit on a regular basis to ensure the plants are progressing ready for harvesting in late September.

Contact us

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contact Gillian Banks or Denise Hammonds

or email us on 

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